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A History of Hacking Culture

by Shanmuga| Tweet This | Google +1 | Facebook | Stumble It | Reddit | Digg |

"The appearance of professional Internet criminals was predicted in fiction long before the Internet became a mass medium. During the early years of the Web, we spent a great deal of time and energy looking for ways to defeat the professional thief. The mischief maker, the prankster, and the juvenile delinquent were overlooked. Then a group of hackers cracked the Web site of the CIA.

The attack did not result in the loss of classified information, did not disrupt the work of the agency, and did not threaten the critical infrastructure. Nevertheless, the damage to the agency’s reputation was considerable. In the 1960s and 1970s, a standard move for the plotters of a military coup was to take over the national television and radio stations. A group of teenage vandals had managed the cyberspace equivalent." – Content courtesy of Famous for Fifteen Minutes: A History of Hacking Culture – Web Exclusives – Online Column – CSO Magazine

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