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Anti-virus Rescue CD/DVDs

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An antimalware rescue cd or dvd is essentially a portable operating system along with a portable version of an anti-malware software application. They run completely from the CD/DVD media and allows access to your computer’s operating system and hard disks. This makes it possible to use them to scan the system for malware infections, recover data and repair a damaged system.

  • They are available for download as .iso image files that are ready to be burnt into a CD/DVD.
  • The popular operating systems used are one of the derivatives of linux and the Windows PE platform.
  • Many of the CD images are updated several times a day and some of them can be updated over the network.
  • Some of the rescue CD/DVD images can also be run from USB drives.

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When to use an anti-malware rescue CD/DVD?

These rescue CD/DVDs are especially useful for detecting and removing extensive or deep-rooted malware infections when the system cannot be booted in the normal mode. They can also be used when you suspect that the installed security software has been compromised or rendered in-operable by malware.

Some feel that as Windows needs its core files even when booting in the safe mode, booting with an anti-malware rescue CD/DVD bypasses Windows and allows an infected system to be cleaned thoroughly.

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It must be noted that a rescue CD/DVD is not part of the prevention layer as it does not offer real-time protection, it is designed to be used as a dis-infecting tool…to recover an already infected system to a point where you can boot normally into Windows and proceed further with the system recovery. To protect your system from being infected with malware, you will need a decent anti-virus, anti-spyware application.

It is important that the rescue CD/DVD/USB media is finalized/write-protected to make sure that the malware does not copy itself to the media.

Go to the List of Anti-Malware Rescue CD and DVDs

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