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Browsing malicious websites

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"Kaspersky Lab announces the publication of the analytical article “Browsing malicious websites” by Costin Raiu, Kaspersky Lab’s leading security expert in the EEMEA region. The article provides an overview of the threats a user may encounter when visiting seemingly safe Internet sites. The author examines what drives the cybercriminals and how they use websites to distribute malware. He also offers recommendations on how to prevent and treat infections.

The detailed statistics cited by Costin are based on years of monitoring by Kaspersky Lab experts of websites that spread infections and the most common malware detected on them. The data shows that a growing number of high-profile sites have been compromised and are now sources of infection: the period 2006-2009 saw the number of these sites increase almost 150 times.

This is an alarming trend. “High-profile, high-traffic websites are a valuable commodity for cybercriminals, as the pool of potential victims that can be infected via such websites will be larger than usual,” the article states. The author suggests, among other things, using only legitimate software and installing a reliable antivirus solution in order to protect against these types of threats. " – Content courtesy of – Browsing malicious websites

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