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Do I own my machine?

by Shanmuga| Tweet This | Google +1 | Facebook | Stumble It | Reddit | Digg |

"The built-in Webcam light is on. It shouldn’t be on. I’m not using any recording, video-conferencing or photo applications. Why is it on? Is someone watching me? It’s at times like this I get the eerie feeling that I don’t actually, fully and completely own my machine. Turns out it was a driver problem, all fixed now. But I still can’t shake that feeling.

Sounds like a silly question. After all, as security professionals we must be able keep our machines secure, right? Or if something infects our machine, surely we would notice. When a non-expert asks us is there is a virus on his machine, we should be able to answer with absolute authority, after perhaps running a few tests. But when I get that question nowadays I’m not so sure. I do run the tests, loading up three to four different antivirus engines, a few anti-Trojan or antispyware tools and wait for a couple of hours. Invariably, they come back clean. So I have my answer: If the machine is compromised it has a stealthy, undiscovered, zero-day and well-hiddenTrojan or infection." – Content courtesy of Do I own my machine?

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