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Free Anonymous Web Proxies – What are they?

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Basically an anonymous proxy hides your IP and protects other personally identifiable information being leaked on to the Web, thus protecting your online privacy. An anonymous web proxy lets you surf the web anonymously in your browser with out needing to install any software locally. You can use the service from any computer as they are web based.



The proxy software resides in the server of the proxy service that you are using. The proxy server acts as a middleman between your browser and the websites you are visiting, thus preventing the websites and in some cases even your ISP from tracking your browsing habits. The proxies are created using server side scripts like CGIproxy, Phproxy, Glype and the like.

Want to know what information is being leaked by your browser? Check our Online Browser Security and Privacy Scanners.

Uses of Anonymous Proxies

One may choose to use an anonymous proxy for various reasons ranging from online privacy and security, evading censorship and filtering. Encrypted anonymous proxies, in addition protect you from eavesdropping by packet sniffers. Many of the web proxies also offer ads, cookie and script filtering enhancing your privacy.

When NOT to use Anonymous Web Proxies

  • Remember NOT to use these services for online banking, shopping or any secure transaction where your personal information is required. Your friendly free provider of the proxy service may unscrupulously harvest your financial data.
  • Remember that using an anonymous web proxy will only shield your browser traffic when browsing from the proxy site, not your bitTorrent or any other P2P program traffic.
  • Remember that while using these services to unblock myspace or any other websites blocked by your school or workplace may be condoned any malicious or illegal use will in all likelihood land you in prison.
  • Remember that using anonymous proxies to browse the web, thus masking your true identity may be illegal in the country where you reside.

Anonymous Web Proxy List

I have put together a list of websites offering anonymous web proxy services. The list contains only those sites that have been around fairly long and found mostly reliable in the past.

Go to Free Anonymous Proxies

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William Edward Mason December 13, 2009 at 10:14 AM

Anyone who wants to hide their Internet traces, but browse about cookie-free, would no doubt consider one of the many sites that offer free, anonymous proxies; the key word here being “free.”

Any savvy person knows that running proxy servers costs money. Nothing is “free”. Proxy servers need money to run and that money has to come from someplace. Unfortunately there is something about the word “FREE” that turns a normally sane person’s brain completely off. It is the ultimate bait word, the proverbial “raw meat” in a bear trap.

Further, it doesn’t help that free anonymous proxies have compelling copy; concise, informative and tantalizing.

Here is a sample lead-in text from a site that offers access to anonymous proxies.

“An anonymous proxy allows you to bypass restrictions, browse blocked sites or simply browse privately and securely. If you browse the web through an anonymous proxy, no web site can find your real IP address. They can not track you and you are safe, secure and anonymous on the web. Access blocked sites like MySpace, Facebook, Orkut and more.”

This sounds great, doesn’t it? This is especially true if you’re an individual trying to access sites that are restricted by your employer or school. There are many other reasons to utilize anonymous proxies other than accessing MySpace or Facebook. Protection of your personal information is the number one reason. Back to my first observation, it costs money to run servers. How are the anonymous proxies making their money?

Many anonymous proxies earn cash by showing Google ads on the pages as you use their proxy. This sounds reasonable enough, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately some of these free web proxies web sites have flash-based ads that redirect surfers to malware scan sites. These sites then proceeded to “scan” computers while actually downloading malware in hidden folders on the hard drive.

Malware can hijack your PC, corrupt your registry, disable your task manager and take over your administrator rights. Malware can also deposit hidden self-writing executable files that run in the background, causing even more grief.

And the “free” access to an anonymous proxy just sounded so good. You are much better off when you follow the old saying that “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

If you need anonymous surfing, be smart about it. Purchase a software program that provides safe, reliable, and secure anonymous proxy services. Services that are ad-free, and provide layered security, rotating IP addresses, encryption of your data and protection of your personal information.

Leave the “Free” Anonymous Proxy sites alone. If there is one thing that is true in life, nothing is ever completely free. There is always a price. The question is: “How high a price are you willing to pay for FREE?”


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