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Hacking: Attackers Abuse Google Blogger

by Shanmuga| Tweet This | Google +1 | Facebook | Stumble It | Reddit | Digg |

malware-help0029-12-jan-08.jpg"Hackers are currently littering Google’s Blogger site with phony blogs — some containing malware, pornographic images, or pure spam. "Google Blogger is being used as a malware delivery mechanism," says Ken Steinberg, CTO and president of Savant Protection, who discovered the attack while working on his own blog this morning. The attackers apparently are automatically generating the blogs with scripts. The blogs come with nonsensical names and content that’s obviously been generated using English-compliant engines and keyword focuses, he says.

"They’ve upped the game. Mostly [blog attacks] have been through comments or postings," he says. Steinberg noted that some of the fake blogs were using malware-insertion techniques: "One of the more common ways of inserting malware is using overflow techniques found in movie [viewers]… When you click through a few of these blogs, up pops images set to auto-load — some are images, some are movies" that can infect a visitor with malware, he says." – Content courtesy of Attackers Abuse Google Blogger – Desktop Security News Analysis – Dark Reading

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