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How to Download, Install and Setup SpywareGuard

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SpywareGuard is a free/donation ware, stand alone real-time protection solution from Javacool software, developers of another fine product, SpywareBlaster.

SpywareGuard provides real-time scanning of .exe and .cab files before they are opened. If a file contains signatures consistent with a known spyware, it will not be allowed to run at all independent of the browser being used.

SpywareGuard also provides Download protection and Browser hijacking protection for Internet Explorer. The download protection has the ability to block spyware from being downloaded in IE. The Browser hijacking protection alerts the user whenever an application or a Website tries to install a BHO (Browser helper object) or change various settings of IE like the search page, start page etc.

To Download and Install SpywareGuard:

Download SpywareGuard from the developers Website, SpywareGuard Download. Double click the downloaded executable to start the installation.

Click Next to continue.

SpywareGuard download

Read the License Agreement and Click Yes to continue and then Click Next in the following screen.

spywareguard download

Select the folder to install SpywareGuard and click Next.

spywareguard download

Select Full Installation and then click Next.

spywareguard download

Choose your shortcut options and then click Next. Click Install in the following screen.

spywareguard download

Wait for the installation to complete and click Next in the following screen. Check mark Start SpywareGuard and click Finish.

spywareguard setup

In the status screen of SpywareGuard, Click Live Update on the left pane to update the definition files.

spywareguard setup

The date of most recent update was 22nd Jan 2004! Yes, it's not a typo, it's a fact. The reason given in the official forum hosted by Wilders Security Forums is that "much of its detection abilities are heuristics in nature. (Basically this means it doesn't need a specific signature for every spyware it catches, simply an overall pattern or approach-used, which it can identify and then trigger off of.) So, SpywareGuard works for many of the newer versions of the same spyware installers even without adding "signatures" for them.

An update is made when there are new items coming out that are not detected that way."

SpywareGuard indeed does an admirable job of stopping Spyware evem without regular updates.

Now checkout the Options, make sure that you have all three options checkmarked in the General options if you are an IE user. If you use an alternate browser you may only need to enable the option Enable Real-Time Scanning

spywareguard setup

In Download Protection, make sure that the option Alert and prompt for action is checkmarked which lets you make the decision whether to block or allow an installation or a change.

Make sure to save the settings whenever you make changes. You can access this configuration screen by double clicking or right clicking on the SG icon in the Task bar.

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