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How to effectively remove Malware using Ad-Aware SE Personal Part I – Download, Install and Update

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AdAware download

Part I – Download, Install and Update

Ad-Aware SE is a multi-trackware detection and removal utility that will comprehensively scan your system's memory, registry, hard, removable and optical drives for known Malware. It works in all flavours of Windows from Windows 98 to Windows Terminal Services.

Internet Explorer Version 5.5 or higher is required for using Ad-Aware SE.

Ad-Aware SE also requires that you have admininstrative rights if you are installing it on windows NT, 2000 or XP.

Adaware download

It can be downloaded from one of Lavasoft's mirror sites at their support page. Locate a download link on the page and click on it to start the download. Make sure that the file name is "aawsepersonal.exe" and save it to a convenient folder.

Doubleclick the downloaded file to start the installation wizard, Click "Next".

AdAware download

You will be presented with the license agreement, read it and checkmark the box beside "I accept the license agreement", then click "Next" to proceed further.

Adaware tutorial

If you have older versions of Ad-aware installed, the setup wizard will offer to uninstall it as Ad-Aware SE may not function correctly. To ensure proper installation and operation of Ad-Aware SE, please ensure that "Yes, uninstall previous version of Ad-Aware" is selected and click "Next" to continue with the installation of Ad-Aware SE.

Here you can choose to leave the default destination folder or make your own selection on where to install Ad-Aware SE.

Adaware tutorial

You must have administrative rights to install and run Ad-Aware SE, if you have multiple users with administrative rights and provided you want to enable running Ad-Aware SE for them, click on the radio button beside "Anyone who uses this computer" or select "Only for me (your username)" and click "Next"

Adaware tutorial

The next installation screen provides a chance to review your selections made in the previous screens, if you don't have anything to change, click "Next" to continue with the installation.

Ad-Aware SE

Once the installation is complete, you are provided with the following screen, for the purpose of this tutorial, please uncheck all the three options provided as we will be doing them manually one-at-a-time at appropriate time later and click "Finish".

Ad-Aware SE

We are now presented with the Ad-Aware SE Personal main startup/status screen. The first step you should do before performing a scan is to look for fresh updates. It is imperative that you always have the current build and reference File in order to enable the software to recognize as much malware it can which will ensure the proper detection and removal of malware. You will need to run the "Webupdate" feature before each scan to make sure you have the current reference file installed.

Click on the "check for updates now" link or the globe at the upper right which opens the "Webupdate" dialogue box.

Ad-Aware SE

If you connect through a Proxy server, now is the time to configure the Webupdate feature. Click on "Configure". If you do not use a proxy server please click on "Connect".

Ad-Aware SE

Check the "Use HTTP Proxy" option, and enter the information. Please note that if you need to enter username/password to access your proxy server, you will have to update your reference file manually.

If you need to update your reference file manually, download the latest definitions file from Lavasoft, unzip and place the defs.ref file in your Ad-Aware SE Personal folder. Choose OK when you are prompted for overwritting the existing reference file. If you want to save the old reference file, simply rename it "defs.ref.old" prior to moving the new file.

Open Ad-Aware SE Personal to confirm the latest definition file is installed by looking at the Initialization Status on the main Status screen.

Click on "Connect".

Ad-Aware SE

If an update is found a dialogue box with details about the update will appear. Click "OK" to download and apply the updated definition file.

Ad-Aware SE

Retrieving of updates in progress. The Webupdate is completed successfully when the progress bar reaches 100% and the "Cancel" button changes to "Finish".

Click "Finish" to close the "Webupdates". We are now ready to tweak the Ad-Aware SE Personal settings to squeeze out an optimal scan.

Ad-Aware SE

This concludes Part 1 of Adaware Tutorial.

How to effectively remove Malware using Ad-Aware SE Personal – Part II – Tweak "Ad-Aware SE Personal" settings for an optimal scan

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