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How to effectively remove Malware using Microsoft AntiSpyware-Part 2 Update, Scan & Cure

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Part 2 Update, Scan & Cure

Microsoft AntiSpyware tutorial

In the System summary screen, Click open the "File" menu and click "Check for updates".

Microsoft AntiSpyware tutorial

Let the autoupdater download and install new spyware definitions if it finds any.

Microsoft AntiSpyware tutorial

Once the updates are installed, close the autoupdater.

Microsoft Anti-Spyware spyware

Click open the "Tools" menu and in the Spyware scan section, click "Run a Scan Now".

In the Spyware Scan screen,

1. Checkmark the following options:

Run a full-system scan

Scan memory loctions and running processes

Scan selected drives/folders

Deep scan folders

Running a full-system scan with the option 'Deep-scan selected folders' selected, performs a thorough scan which is most likely to find more malware infected locations. Also, because this scan is thorough, it takes much longer to run.

Microsoft Anti-Spyware spyware

2. Click "Select" link and in the new box,

3. Checkmark all the hard drives and partitions

4. Click "Ok"

5. Click "Run Scan Now" to start the scan.

Wait till the scan finishes, which will take a while depending on the number of files you have stored on your computer.

Microsoft Anti-Spyware spyware

Once the scan is completed, the scan results summary are displayed in a seperate window. Click "View Results" to see the name(s) of malware found and the recommended action.

Microsoft Anti-Spyware spyware

  • You can view the detected locations by expanding the +plus icon or "View all detected locations" below the name of the malware. Microsoft AntiSpyware analyzes the malware threats found and makes a recommendation on how to handle the particular threat.

Here are the possible actions that can be performed on each threat that is detected:

Ignore: Selecting this action temporarily ignores this threat until the next time you run a spyware scan.

Always Ignore: Selecting this action does not quarantine or remove this threat. In addition, the threat is added to your Ignored Threats list and is not marked as a threat the next time you run a spyware scan.

To manage your Ignored Threats:

  • Open the Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) program.

  • Click Options, and then click Settings.

  • Click the Spyware Scan icon to bring up the list of Ignored Threats.

Quarantine: Selecting this action safely removes this threat from your computer and stores it in your spyware quarantine. Any threats in your spyware quarantine do not run on your computer and you can restore these items back to their original state at any time.

Here it should be noted that some spyware threats cannot be quarantined, only deleted.

It is recommended that you leave the default recommendation alone, unless you know what you are doing.

Microsoft Anti-Spyware spyware

Check mark "Create restore point" and click "Continue" and Click "Yes" in the following confirmation screen to banish the detected malware.

Microsoft Anti-Spyware spyware

The Microsoft AntiSpyware may prompt you to close the Internet Explorer window if you have it open and also it may require a restart for complete removal of the detected malware.

Microsoft Anti-Spyware spyware

This concludes Microsoft Antispyware Tutorial.

Click here to go back to Microsoft Antispyware download, install tutorial.

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