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How to enable/disable Microsoft AntiSpyware Realtime Protection

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"Windows AntiSpyware provides continuous protection by guarding more than 50 ways Web sites and programs can put spyware on a PC. If known spyware is detected at these security "checkpoints," it will be blocked. If an unknown program is detected at a checkpoint, intelligent notifications ask the user to determine whether to let the program continue. The following types of agents monitor the security checkpoints:

Internet agents: These agents help protect against spyware that makes unauthorized connections to the Internet or changes a PC's Internet settings such as dial-up or wireless connectivity.

System agents: These agents help protect against spyware that makes unauthorized changes to the PC, such as changing password settings, security permissions, or other critical system settings.

Application agents: These agents help protect against spyware that makes changes to applications, such as modifying Internet Explorer by adding an unwanted toolbar, automatically downloading Internet Explorer add-ons from the Internet, or starting potentially unwanted programs when the PC is turned on". Spyware solutions: Technology and leadership

MS Anti-Spyware provides an option to activate the security agents during the installation process. If you had opted not to enable real-time protection at that time, now you can do so from the program interface.

To enable or disable Microsoft Antispyware real time protection (security agents):

Open MS Antispyware, click Settings on the Options menu.

Disable Microsoft AntiSpyware real time protection

In the left pane, click Real-Time Protection to view options for activating or deactivating Real-Time Protection.

Checkmark the two options Enable the Microsoft AntiSpyware Security Agents on startup (recommended) and Enable real time spyware threat protection (recommended) to activate/enable protection.

Disable Microsoft AntiSpyware real time protection

Uncheck the same two options de-activate/disable real-time protection.

Click the Alerts on the left pane to configure how the program alerts you when it blocks or allows a change.

Disable Microsoft AntiSpyware real time protection

All the availble options are checkmarked by default and it is recommended to be left that way, unless you are annoyed by the constant pop-up message notifications.

Disable Microsoft AntiSpyware tutorial

You can also disable the real-time protection by right clicking on the MS AntiSpyware icon on the systray and selecting Security Agents status (Enabled) and clicking on Disable Real-time protection.

Click here to go to Microsoft Antispyware Tutorial.

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