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How to reset Internet Explorer 7 to its default settings (RIES)

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If your internet connection is good but Internet Explorer cannot open any Website, or if you find your browsing is consistently slower than normal or a malware infection has messed up your Internet Explorer settings – It’s time to reset your Internet Explorer to its default settings.


Unlike Internet Explorer 6, Microsoft has introduced a single-button reset in Internet Explorer 7 which when clicked resets IE to Windows or manufacturer’s defaults. This action is not reversible. Resetting Internet Explorer in this way does not delete favorites, feeds and a few other personalization’s.

What happens when Internet Explorer 7 is reset?

When Internet Explorer 7 is reset using the Reset button, some of the settings are deleted altogether, some of the settings are reverted back to Windows or manufacturers default and some settings are not reset at all.

Settings that are deleted – These include browser history, stored passwords, temp internet files, cookies, saved form data, typed URL history, websites added to different security zones, under privacy tab and allowed websites in Pop-up blocker.

Settings that are reset to defaults – Home page, Security tab settings, Advanced tab settings, Privacy tab settings, Search providers settings, tabbed browsing settings, colors, fonts, languages and accessibility settings under the Advanced tab, toolbar and text size settings, phishing filter, autocomplete and popup blocker settings.

Third-party ActiveX controls, Toolbars, Browser Helper Objects and other browser extensions are disabled.

Settings that are unchanged – Internet connection, proxy, VPN settings, default browser setting, Favorites, Feeds, Pre-approved ActiveX controls, content advisor settings, temporary internet file path setting, stored certificates information and group policy settings.

To reset Internet Explorer 7 Settings

To restore IE 7 to the condition it was when first installed:

Restart the computer. Open Internet Options Window, in Internet Explorer Click the Tools button and then click Internet Options.


Click the Advanced tab, click Reset in the Reset Internet Explorer settings section.


Click Reset in the information dialogue box, click Close in the confirmation dialogue box and then click OK in the final confirmation. Close and open Internet Explorer to effect the changes.


To reset specific Internet Explorer 7 Settings

Reset Security tab settings – IE 7 allows you to reset security settings for all the zones or for a specific zone. When reset it reverts all security zone settings to its default settings.

Open Internet Options Window, in Internet Explorer Click the Tools button and then click Internet Options.


Click the Security tab. Click the Internet zone icon. On the Security level for this zone section, click on the Default Level button. Click Apply and OK. Follow this procedure for all the other zones, normally there are Local Internet, Trusted Sites and Restricted Sites.


You may also choose to revert all zones to their default levels at one go by clicking on Reset all zones to default level.

Reset Advanced Settings – You can reset only the advanced settings by clicking on Restore advanced settings button in the Advanced tab of the Internet Options window.


A log file brndlog.txt is saved when you reset Internet Explorer 7 at %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\

Note: The action of resetting Internet Explorer deletes the trusted sites that you have added and also resets the parental control settings, so it is recommended to note these sites before you use this feature.

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