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Keep Yourself Informed

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Newer and better Malware are detected nearly every other day, making it imperative that some one interested in better online security keeps oneself better informed on the ongoings in the Anti- Malware field.

Online Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to keep abreast of the latest developments in a given field. The key is to find the right kind, that doesn't tend to spam. I regularly read and recommend the following security newsletters and other general Windows newsletters:

Security Newsletters

Microsoft Security Newsletter for Home Users

Bruce Schneier – Crypto-Gram

SANS NewsBites: Security Digest

SpywareInfo : Spyware Weekly Newsletter

Help Net Security Newsletter

Internet Security News

General Windows newsletters – Internet, Tips, Tech news etc.

The LangaList

Scot's Newsletter By Scot Finnie

Exploring Windows Newsletter – Microsoft

The Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter

Tech Support Alert's best tech support sites on the Web

Windows Secrets

The Internet TOURBUS – computer viruses, hoaxes, search engines, urban legends, cookies, cool sites

Net Family News – kid tech news for parents

Mike's List newsletter!

Clif Notes Newsletter

Don't want to wait for the Newsletters to arrive, take a look at DAILY ROTATION, an online news aggregator – Quick Loading Headlines From 300+ Tech Sites.

Updates Watch

Now that you got yourself set up with a variety of security programs, how to know when a program or its definition files get updated?

1. Subscribe to the SWI Forums -> Software Update Announcements.

2. Utilise the services of Calendar Of Updates

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