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Microsofts Do and donts for Passwords

by Shanmuga| Tweet This | Google +1 | Facebook | Stumble It | Reddit | Digg |

"The three basic things to remember when creating a strong password are the following:

1. Use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Also, remember that some dictionaries used in attacks have a "l33t" mode, which allows common letter/number-to-special character substitutions (like changing [email protected], i-1 ,o-0 and s=$, for example, password = [email protected]$w0rd). Therefore, mix them in different ways so that they are not predictable.

2. Use a combination of upper and lower case letters.

3. Make it lengthy. A longer password does not necessarily mean it is strong but it can help in some cases." – Content courtesy of Microsoft Malware Protection Center : Do and don’ts for [email protected]$w0rd$

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