180Solutions sues Zone Labs

180Solutions is suing Zone Labs, makers of Zone Alarm. Docket info here. 180 believes that ZA has made “false and misleading statements” about 180Solutions.

Some points from the document:

“…180’s products are offered to users free of charge and are sponsored by advertising that users agree to view as a condition of using the products. 180’s products provide the user with access to a wide range of electronic content (such as games, music, video…) all of which is provided to users free of charge because of advertising revenue. Much like other innovative Internet content companies such as Google and Microsoft, 180 has helped develop an advertising-based business model that allows it to generate revenue from original content, while continuing to allow that content to be made freely available to users… Sunbelt BLOG: The universe just cracked open

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 1st December 2005 12:09AM