Identity Theft: Tips to Protect Yourself

A thief can obtain information about you by stealing your wallet, breaking into your car or home, going through your trash or illegally taking mail out of your mailbox. More sophisticated techniques include hacking into databases and Web sites, sending out fake e-mails (called "phishing"), buying Web site addresses similar to those of financial institutions and creating computer spyware programs that record your keystrokes. Information has also been stolen from computers, from data mistakenly posted on public Web sites and illegally copied when credit or debit cards are swiped to pay for a purchase.........How can you protect your personal information? You can minimize your vulnerability by being vigilant about protecting your personal information, monitoring your financial transactions, using updated computer technology and protecting your credit.

Here are some specific steps you may wish to consider......Bradenton Herald | 11/13/2005 | Protect yourself from identity theft

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