TRUSTe to Certify Downloads

A group of Internet companies plans to announce on Wednesday a new program to certify downloads so consumers can get friendly and noninvasive software.

The Trusted Download Program is backed by America Online, Yahoo, CNET Networks, Verizon and Computer Associates. The program is set to begin early next year in a trial version, when the Internet partners will get access to a list of applications certified by online privacy watchdog group Truste, according to a statement from the companies. (CNET Networks is the parent company of CNET

"With consumers downloading more and more software, it's vital to give people real control over what they will allow on their computers," Fran Maier, executive director of Truste, said in the statement. The official announcement of the initiative is scheduled for Wednesday morning at an event here. Group backs program to certify downloads | Tech News on ZDNet

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