Spammers urge recipients "Sell your organs online!"

Sophos's global network of virus and spam analysis centers, has recently spotted spam with a novel take on "bodily organs". Rather than offering to increase the size of one or more parts of your body, they are now offering to buy bits of it off you. A typical example follows:

Subject:** Sell your organs online!
Message body: Please reply to this email if you want to make some cash selling your organs!

"In this case computer users should have little difficulty in following the adage of 'don't try, don't buy, don't reply'," says Paul Ducklin, Sophos's Head of Technology, Asia Pacific. "This sort of spam should focus the mind on how the spam economy works. A handful of responses - one or two, even - would represent success to the spammers, because their operating costs are borne by you and me. So give them the cold shoulder, if you will pardon the pun." Spammers urge recipients to decrease their organs

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 16th November 2005 10:21PM