Phishing scams hit Appalachian State University campus.

nternet phishing, a form of identity fraud, has recently occurred around the Appalachian State University campus.

E-mails resembling those from companies such as eBay, Wells-Fargo and select banks are capable of transmission through AppalNET accounts.

When a person opens the e-mail message, there is a notice that an account needs updating or identity verification; sometimes the message opens directly to the false site.

Links to the false site, which appear convincing, can lead Internet users into submitting private information to individuals or companies with intentions of stealing an identity.

“Basically they disguise themselves to look like another company, a legitimate company, they try to fool you into giving them your information by filling out forms,” University Police Sgt. Jeremy B. Jones said. The Appalachian Online - Phishing scams hit ASU campus

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