To be "0wned" by Sony

It was a grand experiment that failed miserably: As a means of copy-protecting its music, Sony employed a piece of software from First4Internet. But the technology, as used by Sony, did two bad things: First, it hid itself on computers by using root-kit technology; and second, it opened a remote access connection that called out to Sony (or one of its agencies). This exposed users' computers to worms that took advantage of the stealth technology.

Sony has agreed not to put root-kit technology on future music CDs as a means of protecting its copyrights. But this story is far from over. There are at least two lawsuits pending. There are also viruses poised to take advantage of already-infected PCs worldwide, the number of which may be much higher than anyone previously thought. Worse, Sony's fix for the problem may not be any more secure than the original root kit. Security Watch: To be "0wned" by Sony - CNET reviews

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 18th November 2005 12:13AM