Eli: Broadband Appliance to block Internet baddies

......The result is a small box that plugs into your computer port, and through which passes all communication between your machine and the larger world. Lutz calls it the first comprehensive broadband appliance with managed services for the home/consumer market.

Eli proposes to guard against all descriptions of online ugly, including viruses, worms, e-mail floods, spyware, malware, phishing attempts and spam. The device has enterprise-grade firewalling on board, and anti-virus protection updated four times a day.

It also filters unwanted Web sites. There are 5 billion Web sites categorized on the machine, broken down into 60 categories, and these are updated every hour. Anti-virus updates come 30 times a day. Eli is coming: Simple way to block Internet baddies - 2005-11-21

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 21st November 2005 5:46AM