Sony BMG CD Recall: How Can Sony Intimate The Ordinary Users

....Having bungled this situation so badly, Sony has recalled affected CDs and announced an exchange program to swap customers' affected CDs for XCP-free replacements. For savvy consumers who have followed this story, the exchange looks straightforward. But what about ordinary users, who don't read the technology press and aren't likely to learn their rights?

As it turns out, there's a clear solution: A self-updating messaging system already built into Sony's XCP player. Every time a user plays a XCP-affected CD, the XCP player checks in with Sony's server. As Russinovich explained, usually Sony's server sends back a null response. But with small adjustments on Sony's end -- just changing the output of a single script on a Sony web server -- the XCP player can automatically inform users of the software improperly installed on their hard drives, and of their resulting rights and choices. Cleaning Up Sony's Rootkit Mess

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