Foil Meant To Block RFID Attracts U.N. Security

A GNU expert's talk was welcomed at the U.N. World Summit on the Information Society. His stance on RFID was not.

Richard Stallman, GNU founder and featured speaker at the gathering in Tunisia last week, was held by U.N. security after wrapping his identification badge in foil, according to Bruce Perens, vice president of developer relations and policy for SourceLabs.

Stallman, who opposes RFID because of the technology's potential for privacy invasions, objected to wearing the badge because it could track him as he moved around at the summit. Organizers said the technology would not be used since objections were raised over use at the 2003 summit in Geneva, according to Perens. TechWeb | RFID privacy | Foil Meant To Block RFID Attracts U.N. Security

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