How Should Spammers Be Punished?

An opinion piece comparing the recent sentencing in three different spam-related cases notes the wide disparity in the sentences -- but thinks it's a good thing. The longer sentences were given in cases where the spam was simply part of a scamming effort. The criminals were punished for the scam, not for the spam. In the one clear spamming case, the guy was given a much lighter sentence. This makes sense, but raises questions about what the proper sentence for a spammer really should be. In some cases, judges have thrown the book at spammers, sentencing them to quite a bit of time in prison. But such harsh sentences risk backfiring, turning the spammer into something of a martyr. If only there were a way to set it up so convicted spammers would be forced to delete spam all day as punishment -- now that would seem fair. Techdirt:How Should Spammers Be Punished?

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 23rd November 2005 6:49AM