Sharing Yourself Online: Privacy While Blogging

As blogging has become mainstream and students from middle-school on up through college and graduate school have taken to it as quickly as wildfire, some bloggers are getting caught up in privacy concerns. Bloggers tend to think, "Write about it now, worry about it later," believing the catharsis of writing is more important than the responsibility of privacy.

Since so many bloggers are actually diarists, writing in a free-association style that is cathartic, this is not unexpected. In fact, such an exercise is likely beneficial to the writer and helps them socialize in our connected society (and their very connected peer group). But writers need to understand the consequences of such writing up front, and edit as they go (or go back later to edit accordingly). Psych Central - Sharing Yourself Online: Privacy while Blogging

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 23rd November 2005 6:51AM