Is Linux really more secure than Windows?

My colleague Larry Seltzer thinks we may be on the verge of an age of Linux worms that might rival the endless trouble Windows users encounter. Nah. First, none of the trio of vulnerabilities in the luppi worm actually have a thing to do with Linux.

Yes, these worms target Linux systems, but the holes they use to target aren't Linux holes at all. They're Web service script holes.

Saying that this is a Linux problem is like saying that the gaping Macromedia Flash hole is an XP problem.

So long as you don't run a vulnerable application, your system is as secure as ever.

Larry thinks that one reason why Linux systems are, generally speaking, more secure than Windows systems is that Linux users tend to be more aware of basic security practices than Windows users. Is Linux really more secure than Windows?

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 25th November 2005 11:33PM