Carry on spyware

Itís hard to feel sorry for anyone making a living out of selling keylogging software.

Officially, there are legitimate uses for putting software on a PC in order to monitor how that computer is being used but we canít think of many.

A parent watching how a child is using the Internet? Companies that want to make sure their staff arenít skiving when theyíre supposed to be working? Perhaps.

Anecdotally, there are few pieces of software more likely to abused than keyloggers, and thatís before you get round to considering the criminal use of keylogging techniques in data theft scams. By their nature, keyloggers attempt to hide on any PC on which they are installed, and that implies a lack of consent from anybody subsequently using that machine. - Carry on spyware

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 25th November 2005 11:41PM