The cost of selling out: L0phtCrack will not be sold abroad.

Many years ago, a program was created that provided NT administrators an excellent tool to do password audits. Writen by L0pht Heavy Industries, and eventually absorbed by @stake, which now belongs to Semantic, this program has seen quite a list of owners. Despite this, the program, currently called LC5 is still one of the best at cracking NT/LANMAN passwords.

As it turns out, Semantic will not sell this program to overseas users due to export laws, etc. that somehow now apply to this program. My guess is Semantic has just taken the first step in killing off this program. I doubt there will be another version released, probably on the grounds that the program no longer makes any money, which is what will happen if you ostrisize yourself from 5.5 billion potential customers. Guides

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 25th November 2005 11:46PM