Importance of Hackers in the E-World

In the mainstream hackers are labeled as a nuisance, as evil people who like breaking into systems and destroying everything they can. The media and most security firms havenít helped much when portraying the role of hackers in internet security and technology. According to them all hackers are thieves, cyber-terrorists, and people who maliciously infect others with malware for fun or profit. Also according to them nearly all, progression of internet and security is due to software development and big corporations.

As many of us know hackers have played a vital role in the development of software, security, and the whole internet. Without hackers who knows where we would be now. Almost all security holes that are found are reported to the vendors before being made public, many of which have months worth of notice. But how many software vendors have you actually seen give credit to the hackers for finding the bug? Not many if any at all. Many groups even dedicate their research to the finding of bugs in one vendorís products. Some vendors are even as arrogant to ignore advisories from hacking and security groups so who is to blame when they go public and things get damaged? * News

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