A Primer on Pretty Good Privacy (PGP 9)

What's a paranoid delusion called when you know that everyone's out to get you? In light of Sony's inclusion of software that phones home on Windows' computers with details of what music is playing and which apparently compromises system security even multinational corporations may be trying to insinuate themselves into our personal affairs.

Macintosh owners, so far, have had little reason to fear the direct compromise of their computers. Firewalls are useful and fine lines of defense and Apple Computer offers a built-in firewall in both Panther and Tiger. But once information leaves your computer, it's subject to the vagaries of whomever operates the networks across which your information passes. The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: PGP 9 serves as principal line of defense

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 27th November 2005 12:45AM