FTC Fudges Spam Filter Study

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission just announced the results of a study of spam filters and address harvesting. Unfortunately, the agency's research sheds little new insight into the spam problem. To test the effectiveness of spam filtering, the FTC created dozens of spam trap email accounts at each of three different (and unnamed) Internet service providers. Two of the ISPs offered spam filtering; the third didn't.

After two weeks, the email accounts at the ISP without spam filters received 2,129 junk emails. The accounts at the two filtered ISPs netted a total of just 469 and 95 spams. According to the study, the two ISPs with spam filters respectively blocked 78% and 96% of spam messages.

Interesting numbers, but when you look a little closer, things don't add up. Spam Kings Blog: FTC fudges spam filter study

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 29th November 2005 9:33PM