Canadian law must address spyware

Living at home over the summer brings with it a number of responsibilities. While most of these responsibilities are relatively simple and require little effort—mowing the lawn, hauling garbage—some can be rather frustrating. I learned this during the past summer while trying to fix my parents’ computer. I also learned something about cyberspace: it’s a jungle out there.

Imagine my surprise when a scan revealed 84 bloody spyware programs on the computer. For those unfamiliar with this new reality of internet use, adware and spyware programs do a number of things. For example, one of the programs I discovered hijacks Windows Media Player and plays advertisements for DVDs. Another, ironically, attempts to sell a program to remove spyware. Some unscrupulous individuals have taken it upon themselves to create spyware programs for the express purpose of selling the removal programs, in effect creating the disease in order to sell the cure. The Gateway

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 27th September 2005 3:45AM