Is Your Computer A Drug Mule, Helping The Bad Guys Do Their Work?

Today, criminals are making more money from cybercrime than from drug-related crime, according to an adviser to the U.S. Treasury. Think about that. Now that serious money is in the picture, organized crime may pull back from risky drug operations and pour more resources into relatively anonymous Internet crime. You may laugh, but federal authorities around the world are gearing up for more arrests in the near future; they're no longer novices at computer crimes, and they already know how to handle (at least keep a lid on) drug crimes. So how do you think they plan to deal with the war on cybercrime? Why, with interdiction, of course.

According to Vincent Weaver, senior director of Symantec Security Response, there are not hundreds of new Trojans appearing these days--there are thousands. You may not know their names, and they're not making the daily news, but they're out there targeting specific businesses for specific reasons. And Weaver tells me that not only are these botnets harvesting credit card numbers and personal data, they're also collecting FedEx shipping account numbers--virtually any account that might have some monetary value.

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 2nd December 2005 8:30PM