Don't Care for Windows OneCare

Microsoft has made a free beta of Windows OneCare open to the general public. And while you might be tempted to give it a spin, think twice before taking the plunge. First and foremost, Windows OneCare won't work with any other firewall than the built-in and less protective Windows XP firewall, it won't work with any other antivirus software on the system, and it appears to suffer from the same problems that beset earlier Microsoft attempts to get into the antivirus business - poor response to new threats.

I checked Windows OneCare against a newer variant of the Goldun keylogger Trojan as well as a recent variant of the Mitglieder backdoor Trojan family. In both cases, Windows OneCare reported that the files were not infected. Conversely, traditional antivirus protection from McAfee, Symantec, Panda, Trend, and dozens of other antivirus software vendors were able to detect the infections despite the threats being relatively new. Don't Care for Windows OneCare

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 2nd December 2005 9:16PM