Christmas is "prime time" for spammers: expert

Almost 42 percent of mail intercepted by IE Internet was spam, while 16.5 percent of e-mails were infected with malicious code. Variants of the Mytob virus are still lurking in the top five viruses for November, while a new variant of Sober, Sober.Z, has taken the number two slot.

During the month of November, the majority of spam came from the US at 43.56 percent, beating China and the Republic of Korea, which accounted for 6.67 percent and 6.48 percent of spam respectively.

But despite the sobering reading, Ken O'Driscoll, technical manager with IE Internet, told ElectricNews.Net that the figures are down on the previous month. October saw infection rates rise to a record high, with almost one in five e-mails delivered during the month containing malicious code. And in comparison to other countries, O'Driscoll said, Ireland doesn't fare too badly. is 'prime time' for spammers: expert

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