Know Your Malware: WinFixer Removal

WinFixer is a commercial product that pretends to be a "complete professional system optimization, protection and recovery solution". However, it is actually malware, which continuously displays annoying false reports of purportedly detected system problems, errors and potential threats. Such reports are used to deceive the user and trick him or her into purchasing full registered version of WinFixer. The risk is dropped by certain parasites, but can also be manually installed. WinFixer automatically runs on every Windows startup.

Related files: df_kme.exe, install.exe, sr.exe, wfx5.exe, crxml.dll, compcln.dll, df_fixer.dll, df_proxy.dll, ffcom.dll, ffwraper.dll, filetyperecognizer.dll, fixcore.dll, mmfix.dll, oedrop.dll, pcheck.dll, strres.dll, df_kmd.sys, flash.ini

WinFixer properties:
Shows commercial adverts
Connects itself to the internet
Stays resident in background

Remove WinFixer, removal instructions

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 3rd December 2005 11:39PM