Google Cube Taking over the Digital World

....This embedded device, for which I am afraid I have no name, is a small box covered with many types of ports - USB, RJ-45, RJ-11, analog and digital video, S-video, analog and optical sound, etc. Additional I/O that can't be seen is WiFi and Bluetooth. This little box is Google's interface to every computer, TV, and stereo system in your home, as well as linking to home automation and climate control. The cubes are networked together wirelessly in a mesh network, so only one need be attached to your broadband modem or router. Like VoIP adapters (it does that too, through the RJ-11 connector) the little cubes will come in the mail and when plugged in will just plain work.....

....The cube, itself, is a sealed device literally embedded in epoxy. For a smart device, it is as dumb as Google can make it, because dumber is cheaper and dumber is less vulnerable to security breaches. For the cube, in addition to all its other functions, also handles Digital Rights Management.

Now imagine a world where Google Cubes were distributed as widely as AOL CD's. It will be in Google's interest to provide them in volume to every Google users, which is to say every broadband user everywhere. As a result, Google becomes overnight a major phone company, a major video entertainment provider, a major player in home automation and even medical telemetry. PBS | I, Cringely . November 17, 2005 - Google-Mart

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