Google under attack on ads

GOOGLE'S search for revenue beyond its popular pay-per-click advertising system has everyone from publishers to phone companies unnerved by the seemingly endless scope of the web leader's ambitions. Nowhere is this more closely felt in the US than New York City's Madison Avenue, where the advertising industry sees Google encroaching on turf ad agencies.

Seeking to diversify its revenue base, Google has begun offering advertisers a set of free marketing analysis tools to help customers boost how much they spend on text ads carried by or affiliated sites. Google is selling ads in print publications and expected to move into branded, graphical ads. These moves, which some see as competing with systems offered by independent companies and ad agencies, has provoked grumbling in the advertising industry. Herald Sun: Google under attack on ads [05dec05]

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 4th December 2005 10:56PM