Sony closes in on new program to cleanse PCs

USA TODAY late last week found XCP-free versions of some of the CDs, including titles by Bette Midler and Neil Diamond, at Tower Records, FYE and Virgin record stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco. But many CDs with XCP labels remained, including titles by Midler, Celine Dion and Switchfoot. "This is a debacle," says Gene Munster, an analyst with securities firm Piper Jaffray.

CD buyer Ron Sheban, 56, a St. Louis photographer, says he's waited patiently for Sony's uninstall program and has e-mailed the company several times. "I never got a response," says Sheban, who purchased a Chris Botti CD at his local Barnes &\1 Noble. "I'm extremely frustrated."

Sony says it's been working diligently on getting the uninstaller ready. But "security is more important than speed," Thomas Hesse, president of Sony's Global Digital Business division, said Friday. "I have the best security experts triple-checking it." - Sony closes in on new program to cleanse PCs

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