Security Fluff: Hottest Ladies In Security

There's generally not too much in the way of silliness and fun regarding Internet security, identity fraud and cybercrime in general. Once in a blue moon, some creeps up though and there's a need to mention it. This time, it's the "hottest ladies in the security industry for 2005."

The folks at the SecurityForumX have hosted a number of photos, 16 to be exact, of the hottest ladies in well… sort of Internet security. Actually, it was a spoof but it's all in good fun. One of the sysops at the forum got a little bored over the weekend and decided to put something together. After spending hours sifting through Internet images, he found 16 that were Christmassy and weren't x-rated. Security Fluff Hottest Ladies In Security

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 6th December 2005 3:26AM