Locking Up Your E-mail: A New Approach to Encryption

Having helped Sergey Brin and Larry Page edit their initial business plan, which turned into some company called Google, Guido Appenzeller knows a fair amount about start-ups. Although he passed on an opportunity to join his Stanford buddies in taking their venture public--what's a couple of billion dollars between friends?--Appenzeller, 34, has followed their lead, co-founding Voltage Security, a fast-growing firm that has more than 150 clients.

Voltage provides encryption software to banks and health-care providers to safeguard financial and medical records. The company also works with government agencies and ran trials with the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense to develop secure methods of transmitting and storing government information more quickly and cheaply than current encryption systems allow. TIME.com: Locking Up Your E-mail: A New Approach to Encryption -- Dec. 12, 2005 -- Page 1

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