Sophos Names Zafi-D As Year's Worst Malware

In a year that has seen the number of new threats rise by a staggering 48%, the lingering Zafi-D worm has taken the number one spot in the virus chart, while last year's hardest hitting virus, Netsky-P, has dropped to second place. In contrast, Sober-Z - only unleashed in November 2005 - has already climbed to third position as it continues to disrupt and clog networks worldwide.

The 'Sophos Security Threat Management Report 2005' - which can be downloaded here - reveals that on average, one in every 44 emails was viral during 2005. This rose to one in twelve during major outbreaks, while 15,907 new malware threats were identified. New threats increase by 48% in 2005 as cybercriminals turn to targeted attacks

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 6th December 2005 9:19PM