MSBlast infected more than 25 million

The MSBlast, or Blaster, worm spread to more systems than any other piece of malicious software in history and led to significant changes in Microsoft's handling of security, a member of the company's anti-malware response team stated in a recently released paper. The worm, which started spreading on August 11, 2003, compromised systems using a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP. More than 5 months later, the software giant released the Windows Blaster Worm Removal Tool.

Windows Update offered the tool to people whose computers exhibited signs of the MSBlast worm, a group numbering more than 25 million unique computers in the six months following the tool's release, Matthew Braverman, program manager for Microsoft's anti-malware technology team, wrote in the paper. MSBlast infected more than 25 million

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