SunnComm MediaMax Security Vulnerability: EFF Does Not Recommend Patch at This Time

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and SONY BMG Music Entertainment (SONY BMG) said today that SunnComm is making available a software update to address a security vulnerability with its MediaMax Version 5 content protection software on certain SONY BMG compact discs (CDs). The vulnerability was discovered by the security firm iSEC Partners after EFF requested an examination of the SunnComm software.

.....However, the day after the patch was released, Professor Ed Felten and Alex Halderman identified a new problem. We take any security problems identified by these security researched very seriously. They "recommend for now that if you have a Windows PC, you

1. do not use the MediaMax patch
2. do not use the previously released MediaMax uninstaller, and
3. do not insert a MediaMax-bearing CD into your PC." EFF: SunnComm MediaMax Security Vulnerability FAQ

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 7th December 2005 9:08PM