Protecting Children’s Online Privacy

Parents concerned about safeguarding their children's online privacy can look forward to better and user-friendlier technology for doing this. The technology is being developed by a Virginia Tech team of business and engineering researchers who won a $450,000 award for their work from the National Science Foundation's Cyber Trust program.

Millions of children use the Internet every day, said Janine Hiller, professor of business law and spokesperson for the research team.........The team has developed a concept for technology to obtain verifiable parental consent that is reliable, easy to use, and cost effective and would serve the needs of children, parents, and website operators, Hiller said. The concept is called POCKET -- Parental Online Consent for Kids' Electronic Transactions. POCKET is designed to enable the parent to protect the child's personal information during an online transaction without the parent's direct supervision. In addition to the parent and the web operator or merchant, POCKET uses the services of a trusted third party server.

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