Next Sober attack slated for 5 January

A date found embedded in recent variants of the Sober worm provides a clue as to the timing of the next planned attack, a security firm said Wednesday. The next big Sober worm attack is scheduled to take place 5 January 2006, a date probably picked because it's the 87th anniversary of the founding of a precursor to the Nazi Party, a security firm said Wednesday.

5 January 2006, was the date embedded in the most recent Sober variants, said Ken Dunham, a senior engineer with Reston, Va.-based VeriSign iDefense, a security intelligence firm. "We did reverse engineering on the variants, and found this date in the code," said Dunham. "The way this works is that at a pre-determined time, computers already infected with Sober will connect with specified servers and download a new payload, which will likely be spammed out in the millions, as was the last version." Next Sober attack slated for 5 January - Security -

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