Know Your Malware: Puregirls Removal

Puregirls, also known as Gurepirls, is a trojan that steals e-mail addresses from a compromised computer and uses them to register the victim for a pornographic service without his or her knowledge and consent. Once executed, the parasite gathers e-mail addresses and current mail configuration details and sends collected data to a predetermined web site. Then it registers the user and continuously displays a message in Japanese asking the victim to pay a fee for a pornographic service. Puregirls automatically runs as a system service on every Windows startup.

Related files: aclservice.exe, acl.ocx, acl.bmp

Puregirls properties:
Shows commercial adverts
Connects itself to the internet
Hides from the user
Stays resident in background Remove Puregirls, removal instructions

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 8th December 2005 1:20AM