Forensic Analysis of Malcode - Step by Step

As many of you venture into a pervasive computing environment, it will not be long before you will be faced with a situation where forensics will be needed. This is an upcoming, and in my opinion, will be the hottest area of security. If youíre one to chase the big bucks and you want to stay in the technology track, then this is the route for you. Otherwise, go off and write documentation for all of the new regulations. That too is hot and returning hefty salaries.

Iím going to step you through the process of dissecting a malcode sample using tools and techniques that are commonly used by forensic teams. Keep in mind that at the time of this writing there are no set standards in forensics. This means that you may find other forensic teams doing things differently but rest assured that the techniques Iím about to show you are used by the top minds in the discipline, including myself. AntiOnline - Forensic Analysis of Malcode - Step by Step

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