Review: Windows OneCare Live

If youíve been seeking a one-stop solution for PC health, security, and backup, youíve probably eyed Norton SystemWorks or a similar suite. Microsoft, for its part, has steered clear of the utilities market over the years, but thatís about to change. Windows OneCare Live, currently in beta, promises not only protection against hackers, viruses, and spyware, but also system optimization and backup. I tested the latest version and came away impressed, though thereís work still to be done ó and questions to be answered.

The three-step, browser-based installation was quick and painless, though it did require a reboot. Thankfully, OneCare updates itself automatically and in the background ó I didnít have to deal with seemingly endless manual updates and restarts, as I did upon installing past versions of Norton Internet Security. Security Pipeline | Review: Windows OneCare Live

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 8th December 2005 2:05AM