Biometrics and You

The world of computer security has spawned yet another way to help secure one’s computer assets. That would be the still maturing area that is biometrics. Just what are biometrics anyway, and are they really being adopted by the mainstream?

Most of us will remember watching television or movies not that long ago that showed a pretty neat technology, which showed people having their identity verified via a facial scan. That looked very high tech, and also like it belonged in science fiction books. Well what was very novel a few years ago is now very much in the realm of the possible, and one could argue commonplace. There is far more to biometrics though then a facial scan. Other biometrics exist such as the now more common thumbprint scanner on some laptops. These two methods of biometric identification are not the only ones though. You can also see or may have heard of retina scans, iris scans, and voice recognition, amongst others. What do all of these methods have in common? Well, each method will generate a unique identifier based on the biometric used. Everyone’s voice, retina, iris, thumbprint is actually unique, and can therefore be used as an identifier. For some high security installations a combination of biometric methods are used to identify individuals seeking access to restricted areas. Biometrics and You

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