Adware Kills People

There’s new news in the struggle against spyware: The TRUSTe organization recently announced a new initiative directed at adware, called the Trusted Download Certification Program. By partnering with Yahoo!, AOL and others, TRUSTe aims to stamp out abusive adware practices, particularly the secretive installation of adware programs on users’ desktops.

In simplest terms, the certification program is a set of best-practice guidelines for adware software. Software meeting the guidelines will be added to a TRUSTe whitelist, which certification program partners (and presumably others) will use to decide whether to distribute software or deliver ads through particular platforms.

.......Adware is intrusive software that annoys, invades privacy and erodes the performance of users’ computers. It is also a highly effective way to deliver targeted advertising. Like it or not, adware will be with us forever. TRUSTe and its partners would better serve the Internet community and themselves by addressing real questions. When is it appropriate to use targeted advertising? What are legitimate ways to obtain the information needed to target ads? What information should actually be collected? And how will the collected information be protected? Answering those questions is the only way to truly legitimize adware. ►►adBUMb The #1 Online Advertising Source

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